klet / klette = idiot, clumsy, nonentity, incapable
klet = slap

Brussels residents, musicians for over 20 years and lifelong friends, Phil, Chom and Alex unite on stage and in the studio under the banner The Klets.

In the purest tradition of the D.I.Y., the trio took the time to experiment, to refine their tracks, and offered themselves the pleasure of collaborating with a bunch of artists to produce their new EP. We find in particular Raph STARK on drums (Aprile, Food for ya soul), Charlotte DANHIER on cello (Agnes Obel, Balimurphy) or Jean-Yves LONTIE on violin (Fugu Mango).

The result : VAKARM, an analog and independant EP, a work in symbiosis where all the actors were able to trust each other’s talent. VAKARM, a word to define a questioning of content and form, a word which illustrates the band’s musical evolution, the raw energy, the chaos, in short, a word that sweats rock’n’roll !

We discover direct et dynamic tracks to which the band has accustomed us, but also mid-tempo with gospel accents, a modern post-rock adventure, or even a trilingual rock / rap encounter 100% from Belgium. Failure, suffering, descent into hell but also love relationships, unity and tolerance, are some of the themes tackled in this new opus.

After a 1st album, a victory in the Emergenza 2018 contest and a 2019 Octave de la Musique, The Klets is back with VAKARM, waiting to be able to defend it live as soon as possible.

Here is VAKARM. Rock on !

EP in digital and vinyl release (pre-order date to determine)
1. Stumble & fall
Some gospel accents to address the themes of failure and despair.
2. Run away from me
A dynamic track with a heady riff. Phil refers to his own story and his meeting with the woman who will become the mother of his children.
3. I bet U don’t (feat. Céline Dubois)
Light in the content and rock’n’roll in the form. We can listen to the superb voice of Céline DUBOIS, a band’s friend who is having her very first experience in the studio.
4. Lost my race
Tearing, rupture and descent into hell. A post-rock influence to support the dark atmosphere of the lyrics.
5. We come one (feat. Mac Mulla & Mac Stone)
Certainly the UFO of this EP. A track mixing hip-hop and rock’n’roll, but also French, Dutch and English in a belgian hymn to tolerance. Mac Mulla, Dutch-speaking rapper, is a De Rand’s member, but also and above all Philippe’s first cousin. Mac Stone, meanwhile, is a French-speaking rapper, The Klets’s friend from the beginning and ex-member of the band Gramophone with whom they shared the stage on several occasions during their debut.

Written, composed & produced by The Klets
Recorded & mixed by Alexandre LEROY @ Studio Six Brussels
Masterised by Benoît DE VISSCHER
Arranged by The Klets & Alexandre LEROY

The Klets
Philippe MULLIER Lead vocals / guitar / keyboards
Martin “Chom” GARCIA NAVIO Lead guitar / choir 
Alexandre DETOURNAY Bass / choir

Raph STARK Drums
Charlotte DANHIER Cello
Jean-Yves LONTIE Violin
Céline DUBOIS Vocals
Mac STONE & Mac MULLA Mc’s

Paul THOREAU director / editor for “Stumble & fall”
Rodolphe DE BRABANDERE D.O.P / colorist  for “Stumble & fall”
Adrien MEDY director / editor for “Run away from me”

Hélène LACROUX Pics
Julien MOURLON Communication adviser
Martin “Chom” GARCIA NAVIO Graphic designer

info@theklets.com / Martin : +32 474 54 09 68