Brussels-based rock band The Klets mark their comeback with the release of their new album ‘Black Bay’, recorded in their eponymous studio on the Isle of Lewis in the north of Scotland. Inspired by the unique atmosphere of the location, the band have created songs that are more sensitive and emotional than ever before. Joined by Nicolas SCALLIET on drums, the musicians tried to capture the essence of the island and incorporate it into their music. The result is an introspective, sensitive album that conveys the raw, savage beauty of the Scottish highlands through the power of rock. The electric guitar riffs blend with the harmonies of the arrangements and the depth of the lyrics, creating a singular musical experience. This new album is made up of energetic, driving tracks that will get your head bobbing from the first few seconds, as well as quieter tracks that are just as effective, tackling darker themes such as suicide, missing someone and time lost. The Klets continue to evolve and push back the boundaries of their music while remaining true to their primary essence: rock music.

Recorded @ Black Bay Studio
Isle of Lewis – Scotland, UK

Produced by the Klets & Alexandre LEROY
Written and composed by the Klets
Mixed by Alexandre LEROY @ Corkhead Studio
Mastered by Peter FLETCHER @ Black Bay Studio

Philippe MULLIER Lead vocals, guitar, keys
Martin “Chom” GARCIA NAVIO Guitar, choir
Alexandre DETOURNAY Bass, choir
Nicolas SCALLIET Drums


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